Brainwave Entrainment Music

Audio brainwave entrainment is the method of steering and guiding the brain into a desired frequency or state, by using pulsating sound to coax the brain into the desired frequency. We know which frequency ranges correspond to our various mental states, therefore, we can use audio brainwave entrainment to target those frequencies and move our mind to that frequency, quickly and safely. By using these stimuli, our brain’s natural tendency to follow a frequency is triggered, which moves the brain to align with the chosen frequency and thus, enter the desired mental state, whether that be increased alertness of the Beta frequency range of 14-30Hz, mild relaxation in the Alpha frequency range of 8-13.9Hz or a deeply meditative state in the Theta freqency range of 4-7.9Hz.

The most common technique for triggering the frequency following response is binaural beats. This involves playing two different tones, one in each ear e.g. 200Hz in one ear and 205Hz in the other. When presented with this, the brain triggers the frequency following tendency and synchronizes with the difference between the two tones – in this instance 5Hz, which is in the Theta frequency range, associated with deep meditation and relaxation. As binaural beats require the playing of two different frequencies, one into each ear, it is essential that stereo headphones are worn for them to be effective.

In addition to binaural beats, there are also monaural beats and isochronic tones, that achieve a similar effect and can be used over normal stereo speakers without the need for headphones, though my personal experience is that they are not as effective as binaural beats. I think part of the reason for this, is that when we listen to binaural beats, we place on headphones, set aside some time and make a conscious effort to meditate or relax, however, with monaural and isochronic, we tend to put them on and do other things while they play in the background. Because there is little or no active participation and you haven’t put the time aside specifically to use them and enjoy their benefits, I find monaural and isochronic audio to only be suitable for when I am working and have a Beta frequency on in the office, where this is more practical than wearing headphones during the working day.

Binaural beats are incredibly powerful tools and were my very first entry into the world of assisted meditation and relaxation, many years ago. The technology and quality of binaural beats audio, has improved significantly since I started using them and they are still something I use every day, to help me reach the mental states I desire. Using brainwave entrainment music, can facilitate a whole range of mind-altering experiences, such as altered states of consciousness, meditation, trance, euphoria, clarity & focus, concentration, relaxation and sleep induction, to name a few. As a first step on the journey of assisted meditation, it can be something of a revelation, as it gives us the first look at the enormity of our consciousness and the complexity and wonder of what lies within our minds.

The next stage, is combing light with audio, which is what our Mediation Machines do and you can learn more about them here Meditating Using a Device.