Meditative Moods is the home of all things meditative, spiritual and mind opening, with a focus on making it easier for you to achieve your desired mental state, through the use of proven techniques and products.

Relaxation sounds simple, but in todays world, that’s rarely the case. Finding the time to truly relax, clear your mind and enjoy the very moment you are in, can be a challenge. That’s why, we at Meditative Moods, have brought together a full range of resources to help everyone, at any level, to achieve faster, deeper and more satisfying relaxation.

Meditative Moods was created using my personal experiences as the foundation. When I began to explore meditation and altered states of consciousness many years ago, there was very little information and even less availability of products, to help with my quest. I spent many years, researching and hunting down different products and methods, for safely and quickly attaining altered mind states. I have experimented with and utilised Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, Hemispherical Synchronization, Guided Meditations and Meditation Machines, with varying degrees of success and satisfaction. In addition, I’ve used a wide range of aroma products to enhance my meditations, or just to create an atmosphere in a room, setting the tone and mindset as desired.

Those experiences have shaped what Meditative Moods supplies today. We aim to supply everything you could need for a quick, safe and drug free exploration of altered states of mind, all in one place. Crucially, all the products sold on Meditative Moods, are products that I use on a daily basis. I own both a Kasina & Limina Meditation Machine, the office and my home are constantly filled with mood setting fragrances, I massage with Essential Oils diluted in a carrier oil and I listen to a range of Brainwave Entrainment Music.

Our mind is the most amazing place we could ever visit and we don’t require a booking, a ticket or a forward reservation – we can simply go there whenever we want. The only borders we need to cross are borders we create ourselves, through a lack of belief or limited thinking. Take the opportunity to transport yourself to the depths and outer regions of your own mind and you will find experiences and knowledge you couldn’t even imagine.

I hope the products we have created and sourced will help you on your most incredible journey and that you enjoy using them as much as I do. Below is a little information on some of our products, but if you would like to discuss any of our products, or have questions about how best to use them, please do give us a call – we’d love to hear from you.

The technology behind Meditation Machines (also known as Audio Visual Entrainment Devices) is incredibly powerful and can lead to some very interesting, entertaining and enlightening experiences. Whether it’s deep meditative states, inner journeying, expanded consciousness or a vision quest that you seek, you can achieve it with the help of a Meditation Machine and a little belief and effort. With a combination of audio and visual stimulation, this is the most powerful way to achieve these goals naturally, without the need for illicit substances. To learn more, please see this article Meditating Using a Device.

Brainwave Entrainment Music also has a significant effect on our minds, which again can lead to all manner of experiences and insights, or alternatively it can be used to simply relax the mind and have a mental break. Most Brainwave Entrainment Music will use a one, or a combination of several, entrainment methods, such as Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats, which guide the brain into the target frequency for the desired effect. Please see this article for more information on the science behind Brainwave Entrainment Music.

We offer a range of specifically designed scented products, from Scented Mood Candles, Wax Mood Melts, Essential Oils and Incense, ideal for deepening your meditation and relaxation practices, or filling your home with a luscious scent, we have something to suit. The link between our sense of smell and our emotions and memories is well known and Meditative Moods has carefully created a range, that’s designed to use scents to their best effect. To learn more about our scented products and the science relating to smell, emotions and memory, please read Our Sense of Smell.

Best wishes & enjoy your journey of exploration!

Meditative Moods