Meditating Using A Device

So, let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room…

Meditation is only possible if you’re a monk, wear robes and sit on a mountain top from sunrise to sunset.

It’s a deeply religious undertaking that requires a lifetime of self-sacrifice and strict adherence to a long list of very restrictive rules.

That’s correct, isn’t it? Well, actually, the good news is that no, it isn’t correct.

Whilst that may be the image that instantly springs to mind when meditation is mentioned, it isn’t the reality for the vast majority of people that meditate.

Meditation is something that is accessible to anyone that wants to take it up, whether you’re religious or not, young or old and whether you seek just deep relaxation, or a more profound journey of meditative discovery.

Meditation is very much a personal journey and I’m definitely not someone that subscribes to a fixed and rigid definition of meditation, beyond acknowledging that it’s an exercise of the mind.

Meditation can be described as a method of attaining a higher conscious state, of increased focus and attention and of expanded awareness, of both the self and the universe in which we live. Attaining these insights and understandings, can have a truly profound effect.

To achieve these insights and experiences, it is traditional to practice meditation, usually under the guidance of a teacher, who will share their knowledge of this ancient practice over a long period of time.  And by long, think in terms of years and decades.

In terms of the health benefits of meditation, both mental and physical, there is a huge amount of clinical research that shows meditation can have significant effects on mood and outlook and can even lower blood pressure, without any known negatives.

So, what if we could get a little helping hand at achieving these higher states of consciousness? Can we experience some of these benefits without having to spend years or decades training under a mentor?

The answer to that question, happily, is yes.

Today, we have a range of products that can assist us to reach these higher mental states and profound insights, in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort that the traditional methods require. Meditation Machines, Brainwave Entrainment Music and Guided Meditations can all, either in insolation or combination, significantly accelerate the attainment of these goals.

The next questions are usually: isn’t using a Meditation Machine or Brainwave Entrainment Music to help you meditate, cheating? Won’t the experience be false?

The answers to these questions, is no.

Our own journeys have taught us to be non-judgemental about how we practice meditation, but to focus instead on making sure that we do practice meditation.

When considering whether using a Meditation Machine or Brainwave Entrainment Music is cheating, I guess a good analogy would be this – doing a tandem skydive strapped to an instructor is still doing a skydive, just with a little help. The fact that you’re strapped to an instructor doesn’t mean you haven’t skydived and indeed, you will feel all the same exhilaration as if you did it alone. You will feel weightlessness, the air rushing past you and you will have a view of the landscape, only possible from that vantage point – all 100% authentic. The same applies when we meditate using an aid, whether that be a Meditation Machine, Brainwave Entrainment Music or a Guided Meditation.

In our everyday lives we use endless devices and products to help us with tasks, but using them doesn’t mean the end product isn’t real or authentic. Does a cake mixed in a food mixer have any less validity than one mixed by hand? It could actually be argued that the cake mixed by machine is better, as the machine is designed for that very purpose and can do a better job of it that we can by hand. Using a Meditation Machine, Brainwave Entrainment Music, or a Guided Meditation is just the same – it is specifically designed for that purpose and helps us to achieve our desired outcome, that may not be so easy to attain without a little help.

So there you have it. You can meditate using an aid and enjoy a completely authentic and valid experience, giving you a deeper and more profound meditation, in a fraction of the time it takes to attain that state using traditional practices.

As avid users of all the products Meditative Moods supplies, we can vouch for their effectiveness and we would be happy to talk you through any of our products, so please give us a call if you have any questions or need any advice.