About our Mood Candles & Melts

Our sense of smell plays a huge part in determining our mood and state of mind and as such, it can be used to direct our minds and emotions to a desired state.

When Meditative Moods set about creating our range of scented products, we wanted to focus on the positive effects that aromas have on our psyche, utilizing them to enhance and deepen our clients’ meditations and relaxation, whilst simultaneously filling the space with a beautiful, deep and long-lasting scent.

When used specifically for meditation, our Mood Candles & Mood Melts will help you to focus the mind as you take control of your breathing and your thoughts. Simply choose the appropriate Mood Candle or Mood Melt best suited to the emotion, mood or meditation practice that you desire and let the fragrance assist you in realising your goal.

Of course, our Mood Candles & Mood Melts can be used to imbue a home, workplace or any other space, with a fragrance that can create an atmosphere of calm, energy or focus, simply by choosing the appropriate Mood Candle or Mood Melt. As well as helping to create the correct atmosphere, the Mood Candles & Mood Melts will saturate the room with a gorgeous scent, whichever one you choose.

If you’re looking for inspiration as to which ones to try, here are a few of our favourites and how we like to use them:

Deep Meditation – for meditation practices that go deep into the mind and soul. We also use it to create a slightly mystical atmosphere
Deep Meditation Scented Mood Candle    Deep Meditation Scented Wax Mood Melts

Clarity & Focus – for meditation where answers are sought, also good to use whilst working, when a clear and focussed mind is desired
Clarity & Focus Scented Mood Candle    Clarity & Focus Scented Wax Mood Melts

Happiness – to put a smile on our faces, however we use it. Ideal for days when you feel great and want to revel in that feeling
Happiness Scented Mood Candle    Happiness Scented Wax Mood Melts

Breathwork – for breathwork meditation, where conscious breathing control is desired, or to set a fresh and clean atmosphere
Breathwork Scented Mood Candle    Breathwork Scented Wax Mood Melts

Calming – for meditations to slow the mind and seek solace, or to set a peaceful calming atmosphere, that will relax all within it
Calming Scented Mood Candle    Calming Scented Wax Mood Melts

To learn more about how and why your sense of smell is so important to your mood, please see Our Sense of Smell